About Hot Ginger Web Services

We are very proud of what we do here at Hot Ginger Web…

We work ethically and treat our clients and employees with respect.

Our main driver is to provide effortless solutions to small businesses, charities and organisations so that they can get on with what they do best!

Does that sound like a solution for you?

If so get in touch we’d love to talk to you more about your needs and how we can fulfil them for you.

More about Hot Ginger Web:

  • We’re based in Manchester, and work around the city collaborating with small organisations to provide an effortless online platform.
  • Rather than work in one space; we work in different co-working venues across the city, and around the North West so can be readily available to meet and discuss how we can drive your business online.
  • The owner: Mike is really passionate about the quality of work and customer satisfaction every step of the way, and this ethos is bred from the top down.

Look forward to speaking with you!